Lee Troop and Hanny Allston triumph in inaugural Hobart Run the Bridge

The inaugural Hobart Run the Bridge was won today by interstate athlete Lee Troop, and Tasmanian Hanny Allston.

Troop covered the hilly 10 kilometre course in a time of 29minutes 41 seconds, finishing ahead of Shane Nankervis and Mark Tucker.

Troop smashed predications that the hilly course would be difficult to run under 30 minutes.

“I made the call that the race would be decided by the top of the bridge, and I think from that point it was,” he said.

Asked about his tactics for the race, Troop said “the gun went off, and I ran like I stole something.”

Runners at start line of Hobart run the Bridge

Runners at start line of Hobart run the Bridge

World champion orienteer Hanny Allston won the women’s event in a time of 35minutes and 24 seconds, followed by two other Tasmanians: event ambassador and Olympic steeplechaser Donna MacFarlane, and Australian 3000 metre champion Mel Daniels.

Allston said she was happy with her time and enjoyed the course.

“Yeah it was good, it’s so scenic, but obviously it was tough with the hills,” she said.

The event began at Bellerive Oval, before taking runners across the Hobart bridge, where lanes of traffic were closed for the first time for a running race.

The event then passed through Hobart’s waterfront before finishing in Salamanca place.

Over 1300 runners and walkers took part in the event, which supported the charity Variety.

World champion axeman David Foster and former Australian cricketer David Boon led walking teams in the event.



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8 responses to “Lee Troop and Hanny Allston triumph in inaugural Hobart Run the Bridge

  1. Gail

    Fabulous report!

  2. Kristin
    Cool work. Very Professional.

    I See David Foster has not lost much weight. But did enjoy seeing Old Hobart Town again.

    The Chriso

  3. Love it! Great work! 🙂 Your camera work is very steady! And it is great you got footage of interviews etc. Congrats!

    • Thanks Kate! There were things to lean on for quite a few of the shots, and I didn’t have the zoom on at all, so that helped with keeping the image steady.
      My next video (which I’m going to put up soon) is a bit more wobbly coz I used the zoom a bit more.

  4. Loved it, was very well done. Informative, visually entertaining, great interviews. I thought it was really good.

  5. Larissa

    It’s a very impressive report Kristin- completely professional and entertaining. Well done!

  6. chris

    Excellent Work Kristin!


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