On campus study beats correspondence for balancing family life

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A balancing act: study and life's other commitments

Balancing university with family can be difficult, but on campus beats correspondence, according to two students.

Aislinn Brewitt studied a Bachelor of Communication through Open Universities Australia for almost three years before deciding to transfer to on-campus study.

“I found studying by correspondence very difficult. At the time it fit my life as I had two very young children at home with me and I could study at night whilst they slept,” Ms Brewitt said.

“I decided to go on campus as I believe it will benefit me later in life, networking with others in the industry,” she said.

“Also, I feel I will learn more as I’m much more visual and having things explained to me makes it easier to absorb,” Ms Brewitt said.

Ms Brewitt will study the same degree at the University of Western Sydney, and said she expects she will get a lot more guidance.

“Studying by correspondence requires so much discipline and if you dont understand a lecture it can be difficult to contact the tutor, and can be frustrating,” Ms Brewitt said.

Student using computer outside

The typical study by correspondence advertisement: the flexibility to study when and where you like

“On campus, the only down side for me is working the lectures in around my children, trying to get all my tutorials in on the days my son is at pre-school,” she said.

Olivia Trueman is a Griffith University student studying a Bachelor of Laws on campus, and also has a young child whose needs she has to balance with her study.

Ms Trueman said studying on campus full time has been quite inflexible and made it difficult to balance family, paid employment and other commitments.

“Griffith has just introduced stream lining for lectures and tutorials, so I’m hoping this year I’ll have my subjects on two days a week,” Ms Trueman said.

“This will be better and give me more time for myself, work, my child and other commitments,” she said.

Ms Trueman said she did not know much about correspondence study, and thought on campus was the only option for her degree.


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