Stuff the planet, give me a sports car

Here’s a special interest story. About cars. Which wouldn’t normally interest me, but in this case it was quite timely.

I think you can find a survey to support any particular point of view you want. And I actually know this, in this instance, because for my last uni assignment I had to market a hybrid car and had to find a survey that showed the exact opposite to the one in this article.

Apparently we’re all saying “stuff the planet, I want to go fast, look cool and be able to tow my big boat around with me”. According to this market research company, the factors that were most important to people buying a new car were prestige, performance and the ability to tow. Apparently last year, people rated environmental responsibility, but this year it’s gone out the window.

Oh joy.

New Mazda MX5

New Mazda MX5 photo: The Australian


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