God is good, but guardian angels, ESP and astrology are too

According to this article in the Age, a survey done in the past week shows Australians are becoming much more mix-n-match with their belief systems. The story’s quite interesting, looking at the percentages of people surveyed who believe in a God, and other things, like UFOs, extrasensory perception, astrology, heaven and hell.

This part of the article tickled my fancy:

“The 50 per cent of the population classified as Christian were also asked about their specific beliefs in Jesus. Ninety-four per cent believed he was a real person who lived 2000 years ago. And although 91 per cent believed he was the son of God, only 72 per cent think the mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin.”

This story focuses on a trend.



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3 responses to “God is good, but guardian angels, ESP and astrology are too

  1. This is another article with more detail about the same survey, by David Marr in the SMH


    I was surprised how low support for ‘evolution’ is … I wonder if this indicates a general community distrust of science (which will probably make it harder to get action on climate change)

  2. That’s a better article, that SMH one. Yes, very surprising the low support for evolution. And good point about the climate change!
    Interesting too that women are more likely to be ‘believers’ than men. Why do you think that is?
    And 42% of people under 25 are atheists. I wonder if they will stay that way, or if it is something that changes as you get older…and closer to death and having to face whether that really is the end to it all?

  3. Gail

    It is not evident whether the percentage of people under 25 who are atheists has changed greatly over recent times.

    If evolution was to be taught as religion is – e.g. indoctrinated from birth (Christmas, Easter etc.) – then it would be reasonable to assume that a similar percentage of people would believe in evolution? The poll was conducted in December, at a time when everyone is thinking ‘Christ’mas – would the results be different if the poll had been conducted in say, July?

    It would also be interesting if the %’s have changed since the announcement of the impending cannonisation of Mother Mary McKillop?

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