Japan calls for eco-safe chips

Automatic word association played a large part in my immediate response to this headline on the Hobart Mercury news article. I don’t know about you, but when I see the word chips, I think food. 

So when I saw this headline, I thought, “what? ‘Chips’ to go with Japan’s eco-safe ‘fish’?” 

Minke whale dragged up ramp at whaling station

"Fish" to go with your chips?


See the actual article here

Turns out it’s not about food at all. Rather, according to this Mercury article, Japanese companies have demanded Tasmania provide them with Forest Stewardship Council accredited woodchips. Apparently, “pressure from affluent Japanese and European consumers keen to buy only FSC-approved paper from Japanese manufacturers because of its top green credentials” has forced Forestry Tasmania to talk to the FSC. This means they’ll actually have to get some third-party credentials, rather than their current so-called credentials, called the Australian Forestry Standard, which they made up and gave to themselves. 

It interests me that there is apparently such a green conscience amongst these reported affluent Japanese consumers – enough to force a change in their consumption habits when it comes to paper. Yet there’s not that same green conscience when it comes to changing their whale-meat consumption habits?hmm… 

Anyhow, the article goes on to say that “FSC demand is crucial to Tasmania selling its native forest woodchips at good prices into oversupplied world markets.” 

I might be missing something here, but if these world markets are so ‘oversupplied’, why are we still cutting down so many trees? 

This article fulfils the news quality of proximity – it will be of most interest to Tasmanians (like me!) as it relates to their state. This wouldn’t be so newsworthy in Manchester, in the UK, for example.


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