Demi Moore denies photoshopping twitter pic

Anything about a celebrity is newsworthy it seems. 

Including comments some twits (surely that’s what you call them – twitterers is just too much of a mouthful) made about whether Demi Moore photoshopped a picture of herself that she posted to Twitter. Wow. 

Here’s the offending photo: 

Demi Moore with giraffe

Demi Moore twitter photo


You can see the full article here.



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4 responses to “Demi Moore denies photoshopping twitter pic

  1. Ace

    Maybe if the pic was of Demi in a bikini I could understand all the photo shop comments. Demi has great legs and at 47 looks awesome! Even if she did use a little photo shop, who cares! If I have a body like Demi (un-photo shopped) Id be more than happy!!

  2. Yep … the old, photoshop-in-a-giraffe-to-make-yourself-look-younger trick. At least it wasn’t a rhinoceros. You know you’re getting really old when you’ve routinely got to add-in a rhino to your photos.

    I’m disappointed at the nastiness of some of the Twitter comments though. Why are people so mean?

  3. I’m interested that people chose to pick on the image she posted to twitter with the giraffe.
    Hadn’t they seen this one?

  4. I think the giraffe looks taller?

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