Fire on the water

The following 13 posts (including this one) will be in response to the following task given to us in our week three tutorial:

Find an online story that matches each of the qualities that you are learning about, and write an introduction in the correct category and insert a link to the original site. The thirteen qualities are as follows:

Timeliness, Proximity, Unusual nature, Celebrities, Human Interest, Conflict, Impact, Helpfulness, Entertainment, Inspiration, Special interest, Issues or problems in the community, Trends.

So, for today, a story with timeliness:

Last night the Peppermint Bay jetty caught fire. Police are investigating, and are asking anyone who noticed suspicious activity after 10pm to contact them. Peppermint Bay is a restaurant/function centre on the edge of the D’Entrecasteaux channel, south of Hobart.

Read the short story here, on the Mercury website.


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